Einstein Center for Digital Future

The ECDF consortium includes the group of applicants and associated institutional partners located in Berlin. It's core group is constituted by TU (host), FU, HU, UdK, and the Charité – Universitätsmedizin. 

The ECDF strategy focuses on research in one core area – digital methods, algorithms and infrastructure - and the innovation areas – digital health, digital industry and services and digital humanities and society. The Helmholtz-Einstein International Berlin Research School in Data Science research in the core area will lead to both the development and deployment of infrastructures or experimental setups as well as to theoretical foundations and conceptual solutions for the application domains.

The ECDF supports novel research projects by a competitive call for new interdisciplinary projects every year. These calls aim at stimulating common ideas from the research fellows at the ECDF and the researchers in the participating universities and research institutions. Enforcing common projects is expected to further facilitate interdisciplinary research. The additional professors from the ECDF will focus on interdisciplinary projects. Analogous to the innovation areas previously described, further research topics will be defined and processed by the ECDF management bodies.

In the framework of the German Excellence Initiative, funds were granted for a Berlin-wide mathematics graduate school, the Berlin Mathematics School (BMS)5, which has been funded since the first round of the Excellence Initiative in 2006. We will build a strong cooperation link between BMS and HEIBRiDS; the BMS will create a new Research Area “Data Science” in the context of which mathematics students of HEIBRiDS can be admitted to BMS and find mathematics advisors if wanted. As part of the research area the BMS will offer basic as well as advanced courses around the general theme of mathematics for data science. Students of HEIBRiDS will be invited to participate in these courses.