Invitation and interview days


Applicants will be chosen based on their academic qualification, aptitude, motivation, scientific interest and letters of recommendation. Complete applications will be forwarded to participating group leaders for short-listing. Within four weeks of the application deadline applicants on short-list will receive invitations for interviews in Berlin.

Interview Days in Berlin

Interviews are organised as a 3-day event including Campus Tours, dinners and various occasions to meet faculty and researchers associated with HEIBRiDS. Travel and Visa expenses, accommodation and food for the interview days are fully covered. Interview Days 2019 take place May 13-15 in Berlin.


  • Monday, May 13th: Program introduction, Project presentations, Candidate presentations, Dinner
  • Tuesday, May 14th: Interviews with potential supervisors
  • Wednesday, May 15th: Lab visits and Campus Tours

On the last day, candidates will be asked to submit prefernces for their favourite research project. In a final plenary session, faculty members will determine the candidates that will be accepted to the program. Results of the plenary session will be announced within 1 week. Successful candidates will be offered a position according to the candidate’s preferences. We expect the success rate of invited candidates to be 1:3. Successful candidates will receive an invitation letter and have 1-2 weeks to accept this offer. Students may start their research project within 4 months after the interviews.