Requirements and Eligibility

Accepted university degrees

Applicants are required to hold or obtain within 4 months of the interview week a master's degree in quantitative sciences or related subjects. All students are required to meet the regular admission requirements of the Berlin universities' doctoral programs. As HEIBRiDS aims at interdisciplinary research there is no complete list of master’s degrees eligible for the program and the selection process will not solely consider the grades, but the candidates specialist knowledge in the proposed research area. A provisional certificate from the University, stating the examination marks already obtained, should be provided.

Language skills

Applicants need to have an excellent command of written and spoken English. German language skills are not required as the program language is English throughout.

Early Stage Researcher

Applicants shall at the time of interview be in the first four years of their research careers and not yet been awarded a doctoral degree, according to the European Commission's definition of early-stage researchers.*

Please note that candidates who have previously been invited for interviews, will not be considered for further interviews.